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About Us

Welcome to Hunter & Honey. We are an online store and local business located in Damascus, Maryland creating custom products—whether that is spirit wear and other apparel items; infant products—such as bodysuits, subway tiles, or nursery decor; or party goods such as cake and cupcake toppers, banners, and tags. We pride ourselves on creating quality products that you will love. 

Hunter & Honey was founded in February 2016 by Linda and John Morgan. This venture started after making some spirit wear shirts for their daughters and seeing a demand within the community for Linda's designs. Their desire was to form a business that would give customers the eclectic feel of stepping into a trendy boutique while strolling down a quaint street. 


What's in a Name

People often ask how the company name came to be and it is an interesting tale. With the desire of a boutique-like name, Linda and John wanted the company name to be able to withstand growth and changes in the product line. They also wanted a name that could hold its own and be memorable but they didn't want it to be too cutesy. 

They considered names that would connect them to their small town of Damascus, MD and to the high school team the Swarming Hornets but most ideas didn't light a spark in Linda. One night Linda, John, and their twin daughters had a brainstorming session and after throwing out a bunch of names that didn't work, they decided to scratch the idea of connecting the business name to Damascus. Linda began making a list of random words that she liked. John made suggestions that linked to his family farm in WI—which just didn't feel right to Linda. Then, the family left and Linda sat with their sweet dog, Abby, who brings Linda much love and joy. She began thinking of adjectives that reminded her of Abby and she came up with Hunter. She instantly thought it was a solid contender with potential but it needed something to go with it. It was a strong name and could mean so many things but it needed something to soften it, something that would tie in the script fonts and the baby items that Linda enjoyed creating. She then came up with honey—Hunter & Honey it was the perfect combination. The words just fit together. She ran with excitement and told John but he did not share her enthusiasm until she broke the name down—Hunter is a name that John would call Abby when the dog would hunt the gardens at night but it also represents the Damascus green that is such an important part the spirit wear that they produce. Honey stands for the family farm that Linda didn't want to incorporate—you see, John's great-grandfather sold Honeymoon Honey from that farm but it also represents the yellow of Damascus and the Hornets that are the team mascot, and it is part of a nickname that their daughters had given to Linda when the girls were toddlers. So, every way Linda looked at it Hunter & Honey was the name that was meant to be. It was the perfect blend of family and community. 

Meet the Team

Linda & Abby


Linda - Creative

With a degree in graphic design and over 30 years in the print production industry, Linda is the creator behind much of the inventory. She strives to create products and designs that are beautiful and well crafted. You can reach her by e-mail at



John - Business and Heavy Lifter

John is the mastermind behind our large-scale items. He is a meticulous craftsman and a true perfectionist. He has a vision that surpasses that of most individuals and he loves repurposing items. 

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